Corrupt Judges Dismiss Lawsuit Exposing Sandy Hook as False Flag Psychological Operation

There are judges who feel like they are above the law. Corruption runs deep into the New York Court System. An innocent journalist and researcher, Jonathan Reich, was falsely arrested and framed as a “fugitive” for telling the truth about Sandy Hook.

Magistrate Judge Ramon E. Reyes Jr. and Judge Eric Komitee desperately sought to cover up a lawsuit filed against Governor Andrew Cuomo because it was exposing the Sandy Hook shooting as a false flag manufactured incident designed to get the public to beg for unconstitutional gun control laws.

Sandy Hook Official Story Shattered To Pieces

They do not care about Justice or the Truth. Please share and tell people about this story.

Now that all the information is out in the open, the truth is coming out of the shadows.

Read through the filing that got the case dismissed:

Written by Karla Lawrence

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